Bagel Slicer 

Patent No. 4,807,505

Issued: February 28, 1989
Filed: July 23, 1987

Inventors: Campbell; Stephen N. (Fort Lauderdale, FL); Thurnheer; John U. (Ithaca, NY)

Assignee: Tc Bagel Cutter, Inc. (Ithaca, NY)

The present invention is an apparatus for slicing bagels or the like and includes: a base; a pair of face-matching blocks mounted vertically on the base, each of the face-matching blocks having a chamber therein facing and matching the other, which together forms a chamber generally the shape of a bagel, as well as providing a slot to receive a knife and to allow the knife to pass completely through the bagel-like bread on its longest dimension; a hinge positioned on the vertical dimension of one of the face-matching blocks, the top portion of which is hinged with respect to its remaining bottom portion to open and allow for insertion and removal of the bagel-like bread to be sliced; a pin extending into the chamber from the chamber surface of the hinged block, which when closed in an operative position causes the pin to penetrate the bagel and thereby restrict the movement of the bagel-like bread during the slicing operation; and a thumb grip formed in the top of each of the face-matching blocks for the purpose of aiding the user in holding the two together and assuring that the free hand, not using the knife, is out of the way of the sharp blade.

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