Ladder Leveler

Patent No. 5,174,412

Issued: December 29, 1992

Inventor:  Henry M. Vega and Joseph Vega

Assignee: Stabiladder, Inc., Marathon, NY

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A simple ladder leveling device which slides onto either leg (8) of a ladder. The device is secured onto the ladder by sliding underneath and around rungs of the ladder. Furthermore, the ladder leveler includes a channel sleeve (3) with a slidable intrack leg (5) for adjusting the ladder leveler to the length desired; the intrack leg (5) is secured onto the channel sleeve (3) by an insertable holding pin (10) traversing the intrack leg (5) and the channel sleeve (3).

Stabiladder® ladder levelers are manufactured by Stabiladder, Inc., of Marathon, New York. For more information and to order the product, see their website.

Stabiladder, Inc.
P.O. Box 172
Marathon, NY 13803
(607) 849-7972

Stabiladder® is a registered trademark of Stabiladder, Inc. 

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