Method of providing and maintaining clean and sanitary bedspreads in hotels

Patent No. 6,052,846

Issued: April 25, 2000

Inventor: Patel; Kamal C. (267 Eversholt Street, London, GB); Shah; Rajesh (2254 Lenex Walk, Atlanta, GA 30319)

A method of providing and maintaining a plurality of clean, sanitary bedspreads for a hostelry having sleeping accommodations for a plurality of guests. The method includes providing a plurality of bedspreads, and each bedspread includes (i) a removable liner having an insulating core and two outer layers where each outer layer is a nonabsorbent, flame retardant material, and (ii) an outer shell having two outer layers defining a pocket therebetween for removably receiving the liner. 

The outer shell is closed at one end and has a fastener, preferably a zipper that is enclosed and hidden by a zipper fold, along the other three sides. The method also includes covering each of a plurality of beds with each of a plurality of the described bedspreads in preparing the sleeping accommodations for the hotel guests, removing the bedspreads from the beds after use, removing the liners from the bedspreads, providing a laundered outer shell for each removed liner for which replacement on a bed is desired and inserting the liner in a laundered shell, and re-covering each of the beds with a clean bedspread. 

The invention is a cost-effective method for providing clean and sanitary bedspreads in high-volume, high-turnover applications, and is therefore particularly suited for large-scale hotel operations in which laundering costs are a significant proportion of day-to-day operating costs.

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