Pulse width modulated boost converter integrated with power factor correction circuit

Patent No. 6,055,167

Issued: April 25, 2000

Inventors: Shamkovich; Andrei (Stoney Brook, NY); Mulvey; Donald (Mastic, NY); Santini; John J. (Setauket, NY)

Assignee: Custom Power Systems, Inc. (Ronkonkoma, NY)

An integrated power factor converter utilizes a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) bridge which limits the inrush current by controlling the conduction angle of the SCR's. The same SCR bridge shuts down the output in case of short circuit and recovers automatically at a predetermined duty cycle rate. In case the input voltage exceeds approximately 275 VAC, the SCR bridge regulates the output voltage to below 400 VDC. The input inrush current is reduced by phasing up the input voltage in a controlled manner. The use of SCR's in the input bridge produces no additional losses, since the rectifier function is required regardless of which topology is used. The integrated power factor converter interfaces universal voltage mains to DC/DC converters while reducing input harmonics.

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