System for Collection and Disposal of Pet Waste or Compostables

Patent No. 6,102,457

Issued: August 15, 2000

Inventor: Barbara Ruth Smith, 821 North Aurora Street, Ithaca, NY 14850

 A system and method for the individual collection and disposal of pet waste includes a flushable bag for contacting and receiving the pet waste and a protective bag for receiving and protecting the flushable bag during transport. The pet waste is collected and placed in the flushable bag, the flushable bag is placed inside the protective bag, and the bags containing the pet waste are transported to a toilet into which the flushable bag is deposited and flushed. 

The flushable bag can be fabricated from paper having a temporary wet strength additive that imparts both the desirable wet strength and decayability when soaking in water. The invention also includes a compostable bag for disposing of compostable materials along with the bag itself in a composting system or composting toilet. The invention expedites the disposal of pet waste or compostable materials and decreases the burden on landfills to accommodate such materials. 

The invention provides an inexpensive and simple alternative to costlier and more complicated pet waste disposal systems and helps eliminate the detrimental impact of pet waste on the environment.

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