Invertebrate intestinal mucin cDNA and related products and methods 

Patent No. 6,154,558

Issued: February 13, 2001

Robert R. Granados and Ping Wang, Ithaca, NY

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Inc
., Ithaca, NY
Christopher Michaels, at Brown & Michaels, Ithaca (see below for address and phone number) -

The invention represents the disclosure of a novel insect intestinal mucin comprising two nearly identical isoforms, IIM14 and IIM22 respectively. These isoforms of the IIM protein have been identified and cloned using T. ni larva. The cDNA and amino acid sequences have been determined and are disclosed. Both IIM isoforms have an approximate molecular mass of 400 kDa. 

These sequences once disclosed are useful for the production of transgenic or recombinant vectors including viral, microorganism cell, plant, or animals, wherein the virus, microorganism, cell, plant, or animal is the product of an insertion of a gene expression vector including a DNA that encodes an IIM protein sequence. Thereafter the engineered host of the IIM DNA sequence is capable of expressing said IIM protein in a functional form. Also useful is a purified and isolated recombinant DNA sequence comprising a DNA sequence that codes for an IIM protein. 

The recombinant DNA sequence used can be a cDNA sequence for either IIM isoform IIM14 or IIM22, SEQ. ID.'s No. 1; and 3 respectively. The current invention also provides for the use of the purified amino acid sequences of IIM isoforms IIM14 or IIM22, SEQ. ID.'s 2 or 4 respectively. 

With this knowledge of the proteinaceous components of the PM, and particularly the mucin-like proteins it will be possible to enhance the effectiveness of bio-engineered pesticides, recombinant viral vectors, enhance the defenses of transgenic plants, or protect insect vectors susceptible to attack by organisms utilizing enhancin or enhancin-like enzymes. 

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