Humidity Control System for Musical Instrument 

Patent No. 6,209,717

Issued: April 3, 2001

Inventor: Timothy Flynn, Elkhorn WI

Assignee: GWW, Inc.
540 E. Centralia 
Elkhorn, WI 53121
Toll Free: (800) 874 2907

A humidity control system for a musical instrument case includes at least two compartments venting into the inside of the case. At least one of these compartments is fitted for a desiccant pouch, with at least one compartment alternatively used and fitted for a humidifier. The use of more than two compartments (e.g., more than one humidifier or desiccant) may be occasioned by an extreme local atmosphere or an exceptionally large instrument or both. A hygrometer and a thermometer are preferably provided with the case to enable a musician to easily ascertain the environmental conditions inside the case. The musician then adds either the desiccant pouch or activates the humidifier in the appropriate compartment of the carrying case, as necessary. The compartments can be built into the case or fastened using conventional fasteners such as adhesive or snaps. 

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