Absorbent Wine Bottle Wrap

Patent No. 6,228,459

Issued: May 8, 2001

Inventor: Bujalski; Dolores A. (7989 Dogwood Path, Victor, NY 14564) 

An absorbent wrap for placement on a neck of a bottle containing a beverage includes a flexible, absorbent sheet having a slit therethrough and having at least three sides defining two opposing corner portions. A first of the opposing corner portions is located proximate to the slit and includes a first edge. A second of the opposing corner portions is located distal from the slit, includes a second edge, and is tapered toward the second edge. The slit has a length sufficient to allow the second corner portion to be inserted therethrough and tied to the first corner portion. This configuration permits the absorbent wrap to be wrapped around the neck of the bottle and then to be secured to the bottle by inserting the second corner portion through the slit and pulling it snug. The wrap is thereby positioned to absorb drips and spillage of the beverage running down the neck of the bottle. 

An appropriately sized wrap functions without substantially covering a label portion of the bottle. The wrap is both easily positioned on and removed from the bottle, which facilitates serving a beverage and subsequently disposing of the spent bottle separately from the wrap. The presentation of a beverage such as a wine by a server is quicker and less intrusive, service aspects typically valued by a customer. The wrap is conveniently and inexpensively fabricated either from a relatively durable, washable material or from a limited or single-use material. 

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