GPS restraint system and method for confining a subject within a defined area 

Patent No. 6,232,916 

Issued: May 15, 2001 

Inventors: Grillo; Anthony (Wayne, PA); Veschi; John (Fogelsville, PA) 
Assignee: Lucent Technologies, Inc. (Murray Hill, NJ) 

A Global Positioning Satellite ("GPS")-based restraint system includes a GPS receiver/transmitter for receiving GPS timing signals, a mapping algorithm, a comparator, and a base station receiver. The receiver/transmitter includes a microprocessor for calculating and storing a waypoint. The mapping algorithm calculates a mapped programmed confinement area from a plurality of waypoints obtained along the perimeter of the physical confinement area, and the comparator provides an output comparing the present position of the receiver/transmitter with the programmed confinement area. The comparator output is transmitted as
an output signal by the receiver/transmitter to the base station receiver and the position of the subject is monitored while the receiver/transmitter is attached to the subject. 

The restraint system also includes deterrent means for administering a deterrent to the subject that can be used either in lieu of or with the base station receiver. The deterrent means is attached to the subject and is preferably part of the GPS receiver/transmitter. The comparator output is then selectively input to the deterrent means to administer the deterrent to the subject. 

The GPS restraint system of the invention is readily transportable and can be remapped in a new location or to reconfigure an existing confinement area. Reinstallation costs associated with wire perimeter systems are eliminated by the present invention. The GPS-based restraint system is not subject to the blackout areas of other systems, and it provides accurate and reliable confinement boundaries for restraining a subject within the selected confinement area. 

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