Powered Bow Having Internal Energy Storage 

Patent No. 6,273,078

Issued: August 14, 2001

Inventor:  Davis Schwesinger, PO Box 138, 130 Holden Rd, Pine City, NY14871

A powered bow for launching a projectile includes a stock, a grip, and a body portion. The body portion includes a groove for receiving and supporting the projectile, a carriage slidably mounted in the body portion, an energy storing device, an energy releasing assembly coupling the carriage with the energy storing device, a latch releasably engaged with the carriage, and a trigger coupled to the latch. The projectile, such as an arrow or a bolt, is propelled by stored energy in the form of compressed fluid, such as air or gas, or springs or the like, the energy being coupled to the arrow by means of a portion of a cable, belt or chain carried on the carriage or pusher riding in a slot and actuated by the cable, belt or chain. The energy storage and release mechanism of the bow is internal to the bow, and the arrow is consistently propelled in a straight line, without safety concerns from sweeping strings or bow arms. 

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