Automated air handling system for sports field 

Patent No. 6,273,638

Issued: August 14, 2001

Inventor: Clarkson; Christopher B. (Jamesville, NY) 
Assignee: Subair, Inc. (Munnsville, NY) 

An air handling system includes an air handling device connectable to a duct network that is underneath a field having grass growing in it, at least one sensor disposed to measure a variable associated with the field, and a control unit connected to the air handling device to control operating parameters of the air handling device responsive to an output from the sensor. A heat exchanger is optionally part of the system. The variables associated with the field include temperature and moisture. The operating parameters of the air handling device include direction of the air flow, temperature of the air directed into the duct network, and the time of operation of the unit. The system optionally includes programmable control logic so that the sensor output automatically controls the operating parameters of the system. A computer with display is used to program the control
logic, which can be done remotely over a modem or the internet. The sensor output can be viewed on the display to allow a user to manually control the operating parameters if desired. 

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