Portable tree stand and seat

Patent No. 6,325,174

Issued: December 4, 2001

Inventor: Lamar; Lance (21 E. Barney St., Gouverneur, NY 13642) 

A novel tree stand comprising a frame adapted to lie vertically along the trunk of a tree, having a sleeve attached at the top end to receive a seat; a sleeve attached at the bottom end to receive a footrest; a pair of wings rotatably attached to the frame; and a load-holding ratcheting tie strap which, when attached to both wings and tightened around the back of the tree, holds the wings back against the tree, thus bracing the frame so it does not swivel in place or move down the tree. The wings rotate backwards to fit any tree, and preferably have, upon the side that touches the tree, bumps, teeth or grooves that dig into the tree's surface to further ensure non-slippage. The frame preferably has one or more mounting plates for added stability, as well as, at various places: holes, hooks, handles or other holding means on either side for cable supports for a footrest. The invented tree stand can include as accessories a seat and footrest that are removable from the sleeves at the top and bottom ends, respectively, of the frame. The invented tree stand is multifunctional in that the footrest can function as a ladder stand for ease of entry into, and egress from, the stand. In one embodiment usable as a tree seat where the user's feet rest on the ground, the frame and wings are small, and there is no sleeve for a footrest. 

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