Plasma displays containing fibers  

Patent No. 6,414,433 

Issued: July 2, 2002
Continuation-In-Part of Patent 5,984,747

Drive control system for a fiber-based plasma display

Patent No. 6,946,803

Issued: September 20, 2005
Filed: December 19, 2001
Divisional of 6,414,433

Inventor:  Chad Byron  Moore (7 W. 4th St., Corning, NY 14830) 

Other patents by same inventor: 6,917,156, 6,507,146, 6,431,935 , 6,452,332 , 6,459,200 , 6,354,899 , 6,247,987

A full color fiber plasma display device includes two glass plates sandwiched around a top fiber array and a bottom fiber array. The top and bottom fiber arrays are substantially orthogonal and define a structure of the display, with the top fiber array disposed on a side facing towards a viewer. The top fiber array includes identical top fibers, each top fiber including two sustain electrodes located near a surface of the top fiber on a side facing away from the viewer. A thin dielectric layer separates the sustain electrodes from the plasma channel formed by a bottom fiber array. The bottom fiber array includes three alternating bottom fibers, each bottom fiber including a pair of barrier ribs that define the plasma channel, an address electrode located near a surface of the plasma channel, and a phosphor layer coating on the surface of the plasma channel, wherein a luminescent color of the phosphor coating in each of the three alternating bottom fibers represents a subpixel color of the plasma display.
Each subpixel is formed by a crossing of one top fiber and one corresponding bottom fiber. The plasma display is hermetically sealed with a glass frit. The sustain and address electrodes are brought out through the glass frit for direct connection to a drive control system. 

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