Lost glass process used in making display 

Patent No. 6,431,935

Issued: August 13, 2002

Inventor:  Chad Byron Moore; 7 W. 4th St., Corning, NY 14830

Other patents by the same inventor: , 6,917,156,  6,507,146 , 6,452,332 , 6,459,200 , 6,414,433  6,354,899 , 6,247,987

A process for the fabrication of a fiber-based information display using a lost glass process includes drawing a fiber from a preform composed of at least two different glass compositions, where one of the compositions is a dissolvable glass, and removing the dissolvable glass with a liquid solution to change a cross-sectional shape of the drawn fiber. The lost glass process can be used to create an exposed wire electrode, where the drawn fiber contains a wire electrode that is exposed when the dissolvable glass is removed. The lost glass process can also be used to hold the shape and a tight tolerance of the drawn fiber. The cross-sectional shape of the fibers created using the lost glass process are suitable for use in an information display, such as plasma emissive displays, plasma addressed liquid crystal displays, and field emissive displays. 

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