Fiber-based plasma addressed liquid crystal display 

Patent No. 6,452,332

Issued: September 17, 2002
Filed: April 26, 1999

Inventor: Chad Byron Moore (7 W. 4th St., Corning, NY 14830) 

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6,917,156 and 6,507,146, 6,431,935 , 6,414,433 , 6,459,200 , 6,354,899 , 6,247,987

A fiber-based PALC (plasma addressed liquid crystal) display device includes two plates sandwiched around a top fiber array and a bottom fiber array. The top and bottom fiber arrays are substantially orthogonal and define a structure of the display, with the top fiber array disposed on a side facing towards a viewer. The top array includes three alternating top fibers, each top fiber including at least one wire address electrode and built in liquid crystal spacers. The top fibers are composed of a colored material with absorbing sides, which builds into the display the color filter and black matrix functions. The bottom array includes identical bottom fibers, each bottom fiber including a hollow plasma channel and two wire channel electrodes. Polarizing films and liquid crystal alignment layers are applied to the top and bottom fibers, which are assembled orthogonal to each other and a liquid crystal material is filled between them. The PALC display is sealed around the perimeter to contain the liquid crystal and the wire electrodes are brought out through the seal and connected to the drive control system. 

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