Reflective electro-optic fiber-based displays 

Patent No. 6,459,200

Issued: October 1, 2002
Appl. No.: 517759 Filed: March 2, 2000

Inventor: Moore; Chad Byron (7 W. 4th St., Corning, NY 14830)

Other patents by the same inventor: 6,917,156 and 6,507,146, 6,414,433 , 6,431,935 , 6,452,332 , 6,507,146 , 6,354,8996,247,987

A reflective display is formed using two orthogonal fiber arrays and an electro-optic material. The bottom fibers contain plasma channels, used to address the electro-optic material. Wire electrodes built into the fibers address both the plasma and the electro-optic material. The fibers are composed of glass, plastic or a combination of glass and plastic. Color is imparted into the display using colored fibers, adding a color coating to the surface of the fibers, or adding the color to the electro-optic material. The electro-optic material consists of a liquid crystal material, electrophoretic material, bichromal sphere material, electrochromic material, or any electro-optic material that can serve to create a reflective display.

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