Image-forming apparatus 

Patent No. 6,476,944

Issued: November 5, 2002
Filed: October 18, 2000

Inventors: La Russa; Joseph A. (97 Roosevelt Dr., Poughquag, NY 12570)

An apparatus for forming at or closer than infinity one or more images of multiple sources is disclosed. The new concept of this invention will permit the manufacture of a flat holographic beamsplitter and a flat holographic analog of a spherical mirror-beamsplitter. The combination of these elements will produce a very compact full color in-line infinity display system of a thickness ranging from 3/8 of an inch thickness to 5/8 inch (based on size) which requires only an image input screen to provide a collimated display. 

This ultra-thin collimating display can be used to simulate the real aircraft, marine or automobile windows etc., when cut to replace the real windows thereby providing the observer with a true infinity display through actual window size and thickness. Furthermore these windows can be joined-horizontally and vertically, as the application requires. 

As store windows for advertising purposes they can provide images either at a selectable distance beyond the window away from an observer or, by reversal of the optical system, the images can be projected in space beyond the window towards the observer to appear floating in space. 

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