Device for location-dependent automatic delivery of information with integrated custom print-on-demand 

Patent No. 6,477,542

Issued: November 5, 2002
Filed: July 27, 2000*
(*Patent term extended 315 days)

Inventors: Papaioannou; Dimitrios (4337 Renaissance Dr. #116, San Jose, CA 95134)

A system delivering tour-related information to a person touring an area-of-interest, and enabling post-tour custom print-on-demand of a book containing information desired by the user, includes a network of fixed radio frequency transceivers each transmitting a signal unique to the point-of-interest near which it is located, and at least one mobile information storage and playback unit receiving such signal. 

The fixed transceivers are connected together through a local area network (LAN) which contains a server computer. When a mobile unit detects a signal generated by a fixed transceiver, it delivers information concerning the corresponding point-of-interest through a listening device to the user. 

In this way, the informational content delivered to the user corresponds to the point-of-interest the user is near. The user indicates his or her interest level relative to each point-of-interest he or she visits through use of keys on an enclosure of the mobile unit. The mobile unit transmits such indication to the nearest fixed transceiver which in turn forwards it to the LAN's server. 

The invented system subsequently uses these interest-level indications to print on demand a book customized to the user's interests.

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