Applicator for Footwear 

Patent No. 6,478,497

Issued: November 12, 2002
Filed: December 21, 2001
Based on Spanish application 2000-00438 filed Feb 22, 2000

Inventor: Villahoz; Maria Inmaculada Nieto (Paseo Ondarreta,, C, San Sebastian, Spain)

An applicator for footwear, including a receptacle for containing a cleaning product and/or a polishing product. A first cover is mounted to the receptacle with a cleaning device coupled to the cover. At least one valve for delivering the cleaning product or polishing product from the receptacle to the cleaning device is fitted into the first cover and extends to a base of the receptacle. A second cover is adapted to cover the cleaning device. The second cover includes a sponge coupled to an outer surface of the cover and a lid to cover the sponge.

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