Smart Car Starter 

Patent No. 6,559,558

Issued: May 6, 2003
Filed: January 3, 2001

Inventors:  Quesnel; Gary E. (9456 Woodlawn Dr., Brewerton, NY 13029); Losurdo; Domenick (2788 Lyons Rd., Camillus, NY 13031)

A housing for a remote car starter that activates such starter at pre-set times of the day, and/or in response to a telephonically-originated message, comprises a cavitated area, an activation panel, a servomotor, and a timer and/or a dial-up sub-unit. The user places the transmitter of an existing remote car starter into the housing, places pins into the hole(s) opposite the start button(s) of the remote car starter, closes the housing and places the housing into the glove box or trunk of the car. The activation panel contains a series of holes arranged in two-dimensional fashion for positioning one or more pins opposite the transmitter's button or other activator. The timer includes means for setting at least one time of day for the timer cause activation of the servo-motor. In the dial-up embodiment, the dial-up sub-unit functions in manner similar to conventional beepers: a telephonically-originated message causes it to activate the servomotor. When the timer is activated, or the dial-up sub-unit receives an activation message, as the case may be, the servomotor is activated, which causes depression of the activation panel, thus causing the pin(s) in such panel to come into contact with, and depress, the transmitter's activation button, which causes the car's engine to start. In an alternate embodiment, the device learns the signal from the transmitter, and either at pre-set time(s) of the day or in response to a telephonically-originated message, emits such learned signal to cause the car to start.

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