Pet toilet and method of cleaning same 

Patent No. 6,561,131

Issued: May 13, 2003
Filed: February 5, 2002

Inventor: Schwartz; Steven (222 Linn St., Ithaca, NY 14850)

A pet toilet preferably includes a litter chamber with a sculptured end and a tapered end. A mechanism preferably moves the litter chamber to a vertical position to meet a stationary vertical lid for cleaning. When the lid and the litter chamber are together, an airtight seal is created. The sculptured end is at the top of the litter chamber and the tapered end is at the bottom of the litter chamber when the litter chamber is in a vertical position. A blade, found at the lowest point of the tapered end, cuts and agitates the waste collected by gravity at this lowest point. Water, added to the vertical litter chamber through an inlet and holes around the blade, floats the waste to the top of the litter chamber. The sculptured end catches floating waste and directs it out of the pet toilet through an exit pipe.

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