Color fiber-based plasma display 

Patent No. 6,570,339

Issued: May 27, 2003
Filed: December 19, 2001

Inventors: Moore; Chad Byron (7 W. 4th St., Corning, NY 14830)

An array of complex shaped top fibers that each include an address electrode, barrier ribs to form a plasma channel and a phosphor coating on the plasma channel create structure in a plasma display panel. The top fiber array is disposed on the plate facing the viewer and the light generated by the phosphors must penetrate through the top fibers to the viewer. The top fibers can be composed of a colored material associated with the color phosphor layer to add color purity and contrast to the plasma panel. The sustain electrodes are placed on the plate facing away from the viewer and can be included in an array of fibers containing wire sustain electrodes. The sustain electrode surface does not need to be transmissive since the generated light is transmitted through the top fiber array. Therefore, the sustain electrodes can be composed of a reflective metal and cover the majority of the surface of the bottom plate. Covering a large percentage of the bottom plate with sustain electrodes causes the maximum spreading of the electric field and generates the highest plasma efficiency. The sustain electrode bottom plate or array can also be reflective to reflect both the UV light generated by the plasma back toward the phosphor layer and the visible light generated by the phosphor layer back toward the viewer.

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