Pyramid Game 

Patent No. 6,588,755

Issued: July 8, 2003
Filed: March 5, 2002

Inventor: Nigale; Arvind (2/54 Sneh-Sagar MHADA Complex, Film City Road, Malad (East), Mumbai-400 097, India)

The present invention is a game. The game board used is shaped like a triangle. The board has three sides with at least four primary interlocking base pieces and three secondary interlocking angle pieces connecting the sides, creating a triangular board. The game also uses a plurality of tetrahedra, where four tetrahedron pieces form a pyramid with square base. Each tetrahedron piece has a centralized hole on its face that is showing when a pyramid is formed. The game also includes symbols that can be fixedly attached and removed from the faces of the tetrahedron pieces. At the vertex of the triangular board is a primary base piece which holds one player's chosen combination to be guessed by the other player. The other player tries to guess the combination of symbols, colors, and directions that the player has chosen and hidden behind a shield.

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