Combined drawer with guide rails

Patent No. 6,623,091

Issued: September 23, 2003
Filed: January 30, 2002
Priority Date: Aug 17, 2001 (China)

Inventors: Li; Sh.ang.oh.ang.n (Kaisi Hardware Co., Ltd., Dachongluduan, Huanshilu, Nansha Developing District, Panyu City, Guangdong Province, 511458, CN)


A combined drawer with guide rails comprises a left-side board, a right-side board, a rear board, a fixing board, a faceplate, a bottom plate, a roller, a left fixing rail and a right fixing rail. A front vertical limb, a rear vertical limb and a horizontal limb are provided on the sideboards respectively. A stamped gap is provided on the front vertical limb and a fixing pin is provided on the edge of the gap. At least two horizontal ribs are provided on the rear vertical limb. At least two prescribing pins are provided on side boards, and a reinforcing rib is provided on the prescribing pins. At least two fix pins are provided on the horizontal limb. A front runner is provided at the front portion of the rolling runner. The angle .alpha. between the front runner and the direction of the direction of the drawer extended is larger than At least one concave pit is provided on the top of the rolling runner.

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