Pathogen inactivation in biosolids with cavitation 

Patent No. 6,635,178

Issued: October 21, 2003
Filed: December 11, 2001

Dwight D. Bowman (396 Coddington Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850); 
Elizabeth A. Fogarty (27 Connecticut Hill Rd. #1, Newfield, NY 14867)

A process for destroying pathogens in sludges/biosolids using rotor-stator technology to produce cavitation for pathogen destruction, combined with the feeding of lime or other alkaline material to induce heat and ammonia gas release. The combination of the rotor-stator with the lime produces higher temperatures than the addition of lime alone with a very high mixing efficiency giving maximum pH shift and ammonia release to all portions of the matrix. Overall, the process destroys the resistant stages of helminths or protozoan pathogens through a combination of cavitation with the increased heat caused by the rotor-stator/lime process, along with the locally released ammonia induced by the pH shift.

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