Inventors: Oshima; Kazuyoshi (Naruto-machi, JP); Masuda; Hiroyuki (Hikata-machi, JP)
Assignee: Sugatsun Kogyo Co., LTD (Tokyo, JP)

Chair with seatback and rotating damper device

Patent No. 6,705,677

Issued: March 16, 2004
Filed: October 16, 2001
PCT Filed: February 13, 2001
Foreign Application Priority (Japan):
Feb 18, 2000, Mar 10, 2000, Jun 12, 2000

A forward end part of an arm part (53) of a seatback frame is connected to a forward end part of a main frame (3) such that the forward end part of said arm part (53) can turn about a horizontal axis (61) extending leftward and rightward. A cam hole (71) is formed in a forward end part of the arm part (53). A shaft part (72) movably engageable with the cam hole (71) through a roller (73) is disposed at a forward end part of a seat frame (41). The cam hole (71), the shaft part (72) and the roller (73) constitute a positive motion mechanism (70) for causing a seat frame (41) to be tilted in accordance with the turning motion of the arm part (53).

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