Method and portable training device for optimizing a training

Patent No. 6,716,139

Issued: April 6, 2004
Filed: November 14, 2000
Foreign Application Priority Data: Nov 16, 1999 (Germany)

Inventors: Hosseinzadeh-Dolkhani; Boris (Froschammerstr. 6, 80807 Munchen, DE); Schiller; Wolfgang (Kirchenstr. 71, 82110 Germering, DE); Rummel; Marc (Munich, DE)
Assignee: Hosseinzadeh-Dolkhani; Boris (DE); Schiller; Wolfgang (DE); Osterberger; Fredy (DE)
Appl. No.: 712086

The present invention provides a portable training device for optimizing a training comprising a sound playback means, a microprocessor, and a means for detecting parameters inherent to the body of the user, said detecting means being connected with the microprocessor for data communication. The training device further comprises a converter means controlled by the microprocessor and connected to the sound playback means for converting the detected values of the said parameters into verbal training information for the training person and outputting them by the sound playback means.

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