Side shield retention clamp

Patent No. 6,726,321

Issued: April 27, 2004
Filed: May 10, 2002

Inventors: Radziwon; Norman J. (Rochester, NY); Verdino; Nicola S. (Rochester, NY)
Assignee: ArtCraft New York (Rochester, NY)

This side shield retention clamp for locking an eyeglass side shield having a side hole to a temple of an eyeglass frame has a temple clamp with an arm extending therefrom having a hole rather than a hook at its end. A screw extends through the hole, but is not tapped into the hole. Instead, a threaded shield clamping nut extends into the hole in the side shield from the inside of the shield. This screw is threaded through this shield clamping nut and contacts the temple. In contrast to this, the screw tightening the temple clamp engages the clamp directly rather than pressing against the temple. In the preferred embodiment, the shield clamping nut has a projection with a flat face that fits against the outside of the temple, extends into the clamp slot, and is clamped against the temple when the clamp is tightened (via a clamp screw).

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