Information management of supply flow of dispensed objects

Patent No. 6,738,690

Issued: May 18, 2004
Filed: August 8, 2002

Inventor: Veenstra; John H. (Pittsford, NY)
Assignee: PJ Solutions, Inc. (Fairport, NY)

An information management system is applied to a supply flow of dispensed objects by incorporating microcircuitry into a portable dispensing case that is loaded with objects at a loading site and transported to a dispensing site where the objects are dispensed from the portable case. A communication connection connects the microcircuitry with a reload controller at the loading site and a dispensing controller at the dispensing site. By means of the communication connection loading information on the identities and locations of objects in the case is supplied to the microcircuitry where it is made available at the dispensing site, and transactional information involved in dispensing of the objects at the dispensing site is loaded into the microcircuitry for return to the reloading site. Such an arrangement allows analysis of the transactional information and the loading information showing actual usage of objects at both the dispensing site and the reloading site.

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