Fiber-based flat and curved panel displays

Patent No. 6,750,605

Issued: June 15, 2004
Filed: August 9, 2001

Inventors: Moore; Chad Byron (7 W. 4th St., Corning, NY 14830

A process for frit-sealing together a panel of a fiber-based information display includes assembling the panel and sealing, after the step of assembling, the panel by forcing a glass frit to flow between the two glass plates that comprise the panel using narrow strips of glass. The glass frit-seals the top and bottom glass plates together and covers the wire electrodes at the end of the fibers to dielectrically isolate them from each other. The process of assembling and frit-sealing the panel is particularly suitable for use in an information display, such as plasma emissive displays, plasma addressed liquid crystal displays, and field emissive displays

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