Medium and large pixel multiple strand array structure plasma display 

Patent No. 6,771,234

Issued: August 3, 2004
Filed: March 1, 2001

Inventor: Moore; Chad Byron (7 W. 4th St., Corning, NY 14830)

The disclosure teaches using at least two orthogonal arrays of complicated shaped glass rods or very large fibers-like structures (from here in referred to as fibers) with wire electrodes to fabricate plasma displays with plasma cells larger than 0.05 mm.sup.3 in volume. (The volume of a plasma cell is defined by the width of the plasma channel times the height of the plasma channel times the pitch of the pair of sustain electrodes.) To increase the size of the bottom fiber and keep the addressing voltage constant or to reduce the addressing voltage, the address electrode is moved from the bottom of the channel up into the barrier rib. Moving the address electrode up into the barrier rib will reduce the distance, d, between the address electrode and the sustain electrodes, thus increasing the electric field of the addressing pulse. To maintain a more uniform addressing field and build redundancy into the display an additional address electrode can be included in the barrier rib wall on the other side of the plasma channel.

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