Camp cook kit strainer

Patent No. 6,789,683

Issued: September 14, 2004
Filed: August 31, 2001

Inventor: Fisher; John M. (6 Erie Crescent, Fairport, NY 14450)

A strainer assembly for a camp cooking kit has a strainer body having at least one rim for engaging a rim of a camp cooking pot and a plurality of openings for pouring liquid from the camp cooking pot while preventing egress of other contents from the pot. Strap guiding features formed in the strainer body provide for guiding a securing strap around both the strainer body and the camp cooking pot. The securing strap includes a fastening arrangement for securing the securing strap together for attaching the strainer body to the camp cooking pot. Handles, which can be formed in the strainer body or attached to the securing strap enable the strainer body to be tipped together with the camp cooking pot to strain the contents of the cooking pot.

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