Real imaging system with reduced ghost imaging

Patent No. 6,798,579

Issued: September 28, 2004
Filed: January 24, 2003

Inventors: Robinson; Douglas L. (Ithaca, NY); Westort; Kenneth S. (Ithaca, NY)
Assignee: Optical Products Development Corp. (Elmira, NY)

For information:

A real image display system includes a primary image source for projecting a primary image from the start of a primary light path to an end of the primary light path at which the primary image is viewable, two reflectors positioned in the primary light path between the primary image source and the projected real image, a circular polarizer for circularly polarizing a light beam positioned in the primary light path between the mirror and real image, whereby outside light entering the system is substantially blocked before exiting the system, thereby substantially eliminating ghost image formation caused by outside light sources.


This is a continuation-in-part patent application of application Ser. No. 09/933,331, filed Aug. 20, 2001. now U.S. Pat. No. 6,612,701, entitled "IMAGE ENHANCEMENT IN A REAL IMAGE PROJECTION SYSTEM, USING ON-AXIS REFLECTORS, AT LEAST ONE OF WHICH IS ASPHERIC IN SHAPE", and application Ser. No. 09/557,859, filed Apr. 26, 2000, now abandoned entitled "REAL OR VIRTUAL IMAGING SYSTEM WITH REDUCED GHOST IMAGING", which claims an invention which was disclosed in Provisional Application Number 60/131,320, filed April 27, 1999, entitled "NO GHOST FILTER". 

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