Ergonomic office chair with an extending foot

Patent No. 6,824,219

Inventor: Hans Ruckstadter (Eichengrund 12, D-59227 Ahlen, DE)

Issued: November 30, 2004
Filed: December 16, 2002
Foreign Priority: Jun 17, 2000[DE]
PCT Filed: June 11, 2001
PCT PUB.NO.: WO01/97657

Also patented in Europe, applications pending in Australia, India, and China

An ergonomic chair having an extending foot and the possibility of swiveling with tilting of the chair backrest synchronized with horizontal movement of the chair seat. It is intended for the linkage system to be installed on a swivel chair. With this (office) chair, it is intended to synchronize the tilt of the backrest with the forward movement of the seat in such a way that the distance of the seat occupant's hands relative to the work equipment on the desk top remains virtually constant at all times.

See also Re38369 from the same inventor

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