Skimmer protector with integral blow tube

Patent No. 6,868,562

Issued: March 22, 2005
Filed: March 17, 2003

Inventors: Arp; George F. (Stuart, FL); Arp; Andrew (15 Lafayette St., Burlington, VT 05401)

Assignee: Arp; Andrew (Burlington, VT)

A skimmer protector having an integral blow tube is formed from two parts. First, a hollow, blow-molded body of resilient thermoplastic resin material having a cylindrical projection on one end with external screw threads for threading into the intake pipe of a swimming pool skimmer. Second, an open integral tube running from and through said screw threaded portion to an opening elsewhere on its blow-molded body. The cylindrical projection on the body of the device is intended and designed to be threaded into the intake pipe or other part of a pool skimmer. When connected thereto, the skimmer protector is positioned to absorb/buffer the forces exerted by the expansion of ice as it freezes within the walled regions of the skimmer. Welding the aforesaid integral tube to the body serves to create a hermetically sealed air space between the tube and the outer walls of the body. This hermetically sealed air space helps to resiliently stiffen the body of the skimmer protector. This in turn allows it to better perform its function in absorbing ice expansion pressure, particularly repeated compression due to the repeated freezing and thawing of ice in the skimmer during a typical winter season. In addition, the sealed integral tube can be used as a blowout tube to assist in the removal of water from the piping connected to the skimmer.

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