Method and apparatus for performing image process of seismic data 

Patent No. 6,885,946

Issued: April 26, 2005
Filed: September 23, 1999

Inventors: Drummond; Brian Leslie (Eaglesham, GB); Rahman; Turhan Fazlur (Saint Paul, MN)
Assignee: Complex Data Technologies (St. Paul, MN)

One aspect of the present invention is directed to an apparatus for generating an image using an algorithm. The algorithm has a plurality of tasks for determining the level of energy emanating from a source located within a mass. The apparatus comprises memory configured to store information defining a trace. The trace defines energy levels recorded at a sensor. The amplitude of the trace at one or more given instants of time is the sum of energy received from two or more sources. A data processor is in electrical communication with the memory and the data processor is configured to simultaneously execute two or more tasks of the algorithm and determine the level of energy emanating from each source.


The present application is a continuation-in-part of United States Patent Application entitled Method and Apparatus for the Efficient Processing of Data-Intensive Applications, filed on Sep. 25, 1998, and having Ser. No. 09/161,168, now U.S. Pat. No. 6,237,021, and a continuation-in-part of United States Provisional Patent Application entitled A Method and Apparatus for Efficiently Performing 3-D Prestack Depth Migration, filed on Sep. 25, 1998, and having a Ser. No. 60/101,779; both disclosures of which are hereby incorporated by reference.

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