Endoscope apparatus with an omnidirectional view field and a translatable illuminator

Patent No. 6,887,196

Issued: May 3, 2005
Filed: March 20, 2003
Foreign Priority: March 25, 2002 (Japan)

Inventors: Arai; Minoru (Saitama, JP); Miyagi; Kunihiko (Wako, JP)
Assignee: Machida Endoscope Co., Ltd. (JP)

An omnidirectional endoscope device 1 is provided at a distal end part of an insertion section 12 of an endoscope 10 with an omnidirectional light receiving unit 20 for receiving an incident light from all around the periphery in the peripheral direction and reflecting the light toward a relay lens optical system 13. The insertion section 12 slidably pierces through a retaining cylinder 33. A light guide 35 (illumination light transmitting means) is embedded in the retaining cylinder 33, and an outgoing surface at the distal end of this light guide 35 is faced with a distal end face of the retaining cylinder 33. The retaining cylinder 33 can be operated in a sliding manner by a grip 31 disposed at the basal end. By this, the illumination light can strike upon the view field of the omnidirectional light receiving mechanism regardless whether the inside space of an image to be observed is large or small.

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