Storage media case

Patent No. 6,896,132

Issued: May 24, 2005
Filed: March 27, 2002

Inventor: Frick; Markus W. (1001 S. Meadows Pkwy., Suite 336, Reno, NV 80511)

This storage media case has a base formed with a bottom wall sized and shaped to receive a disc and with peripheral rim walls further defining the disc-receiving portion of the base. Its lid is provided with its own set of rim walls that overlap the rim walls on the base when the lid is closed and thereby help to protect the disc from invasive contact. Mating hinge assemblies are formed at the back of both the base and lid. These assemblies allow the hinge elements to be snapped together with the lid registered over the base. The geometry of the base hinge assembly allows expansion room for the hinge clevis members on the lid to spread apart and snap over the hinge pins only when the lid is registered in a nearly closed position over the base. When the lid is opened, its hinge devises move down into narrower recesses in the base so that the base prevents the hinge devises from spreading.

This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/279,963, filed on 29 Mar. 2001, which Provisional application is incorporated by reference herein.

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