Door and frame with peripheral venting for electronic component cabinet

Patent No. 6,983,566

Issued: January 10, 2006
Filed: May 17, 2002

Inventors: Laun; Deborah A. (Syracuse, NY); Naas; Robert L. (Skaneateles, NY)
Assignee: Upstate Systems Tec. Inc. (Victor, NY)

A door and frame for electronic component cabinets features a peripheral vent with a baffle that substantially encompasses the entire 360-degree periphery of the door. This vent and baffle combination provides ventilation for the purposes of the electrical equipment when the door and frame are mounted to an electronic component cabinet. It also helps to avoid dust invasion and helps to eliminate dangers that can arise due to the insertion of objects into the cabinet by small children. In addition, it is invisible from the front of the component cabinet and is sleekly attractive from the front and side.


This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/292,986 filed on May 23, 2001, which provisional application is incorporated by reference herein.

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