Poker game suitable for gaming 

Patent No. 7,036,822

Issued: May 2, 2006
Filed: April 13, 2004

Inventor:O'Grady; Daniel R. (83 Minnesota St., Rochester, NY 14609)

A poker game based on an Aces and 8's legend pays a high multiple of the amount bet for the highest winning hand containing two pair of aces and 8's, and pays a lower multiple of the amount bet for the second highest winning hand containing two pair other than aces and 8's. A hand of less than a pair and neither an ace nor an 8 wins the amount bet, and all other hands lose. Dealing and betting rules can vary, and the game is adaptable to machine play.


This application claims the benefit of U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/463,533, filed on 17 Apr. 2003, and Provisional Application No. 60/474,118 filed on 29 May 2003, the subject matter of each of which is incorporated herein.

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