Fiber-based displays containing lenses and methods of making same 

Patent No. 7,082,236

Issued: July 25, 2006
Filed: March 2, 2000

Inventor: Moore; Chad Byron (Corning, NY)

The invention relates to an electronic display that combines the optical function of the display and part of the electronic function of the display into an array of individual fibers. The individual fibers contain a lens or optical function and at least one set of electrodes. Containing the lens function and the address electrode in the same fiber assures alignment of each pixel with its representative lens system and allows for the fabrication of very large three-dimensional, direct view displays. The electronic part of the displays can function as a plasma display (PDP), plasma addressed liquid crystal (PALC) display, field emission display (FED), cathode ray tube (CRT), electroluminescent (EL) display or any similar type of display.


The present application is a continuation-in-part of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 09/299,370, filed on Apr. 26, 1999, entitled "FIBER-BASED PLASMA DISPLAYS", now U.S. Pat. No. 6,414,433 which is a Continuation in Part of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 08/810,960, filed on Feb. 27, 1997, now U.S. Pat. No. 5,984,747, the disclosures of which are incorporated herein by reference.

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