Interface pads with proportional valves 

Patent No. 7,137,236

Issued: November 21, 2006
Filed: December 8, 2003

Inventors: Brownlie; Alan W. (Pagosa Springs, CO)

These interface pads with proportional valves have at least one inflatable member having a foam core with a cell structure that absorbs atmospheric air. The transmission of air into the foam core is controlled by a valve in said opening. Fasteners are used to affix this inflatable member in a location where it can serve as an interface pad between a living creature and another object. The valve used is a proportional valve adjustable to different pressure settings, where the different pressure settings allow air to escape from the valve until the set pressure is reached. In one preferred embodiment, there are two inflatable members adapted for placement adjacent the upper sides of a load-bearing animal. An important subcategory of this embodiment covers bareback riding pads, including bareback riding pads for use by handicapped persons. In other embodiments, at least one inflatable member is adapted to pad an interface between a human and an object. Where the object is a seat, the fasteners are adapted for affixing inflatable member(s) to a seat. Where the object is a prosthetic, the pad is adapted to pad the interface between human and prosthetic, and the fasteners are adapted for affixing inflatable member(s) in position with respect to the prosthetic.


This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/312,479, filed on 15 Aug. 2001, and is a CIP of U.S. Non-provisional application Ser. No. 10/219,715, filed Aug. 15, 2002 now U.S. Pat. No. 6,658,827, which applications and patent are incorporated by reference herein.

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