RF identification apparatus for pallet conveyances 

Patent No. 7,155,304

Self-contained RF identification apparatus for pallet conveyances 

Patent No. 7,236,851

Issued: December 26, 2006 and June 26, 2007
Filed: June 17, 2005 and October 6, 2005

Inventor: Charych; Harold (Poquott, NY)
Assignee: EPC4ROI Limited Partnership (Poquott, NY) 

Abstract - 7,155,304

Apparatus for reading RFID tags of picked goods as they are loaded onto a picked pallet, and a method of picking and tracking goods using the device. The invention is mounted on a pallet support on a pallet conveyance, and has an RFID interrogator connected to at least one antenna mounted on a vertically movable antenna mount. The interrogator triggers the transponders in the goods and sends the decoded replies to the control unit. An object sensor adjacent to the antenna senses the presence of goods, and a control unit controls the movable antenna mount to raise the antenna mount above the goods. A computer having a display visible to an operator loading the pallet conveyance is used to communicate with the operator, confirming the loaded goods are the correct ones, and tracking inventory loaded on the conveyance. A barcode reader may be located on the antenna mount.

Abstract - 7,236,851

An RFID reading apparatus includes a frame. The RFID reading apparatus also includes an RFID interrogator, coupled to the frame, for triggering transponders in picked cases and receiving and decoding replies. The RFID reading apparatus further includes at least one vertically movable antenna mount coupled to the frame, at least one antenna mounted to the antenna mount and coupled to the interrogator, and at least one object sensor adjacent to at least one antenna. The RFID reading apparatus also includes a control unit coupled to the interrogator for initiating interrogation of transponders and accepting decoded replies, to the antenna mount for controlling the level of the antenna mounted on the mount, and to the object sensor for detecting the presence of cases adjacent to the object sensor.


Patent 7,236,851 is a continuation-in-part of patent U.S. Pat. No. 7,155,304. 

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