Polyfunctional biocompatible hydrogel and method for the production thereof 

Patent No. 7,294,348

Issued: November 13, 2007
Filed: September 28, 2001
PCT Filed: September 28, 2001
PCT No.: PCT/RU01/00392
371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date: March 25, 2004
PCT Pub. No.: WO03/026711

Inventors: Lopatin; Vladislav Victorovich (Moscow, RU)
Assignee: Biopharma Development, Ltd. (London, GB) 

The inventive polyfunctional biocompatible hydrogel comprises 1.3 15 mass % of acrylamide, 0.004 0.975 mass % of cross-linking agents--N,N'-methylen-bis-acrylamide, 0.004 5.1 mass % of N,N'-ethylen-bis-acrylamide, 0.002 0.45 mass % of poviargol and water up to 100 mass %. Said hydrogel is produced by sopolymerising acrylamide with the cross-linking agents in an aqueous medium in the presence of peroxide polymerisation initiator, the incubation of reaction mixture being carried out in two stages. The first stage is carried out at a temperature ranging from 20 to 90.degree. C. during a time of 2 to 24 hours, the second stage being carried out at a temperature ranging from 107 to 130.degree. C. during a time equal to or less than 2 hours.

Reference to Related Applications

This is the US national phase filing of International Application No. PCT/RU01/00392, filed Sep. 28, 2001 to which priority is claimed and which is hereby incorporated herein by reference. 

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