Hand dryer

Patent No. 7,555,209

Issued: June 30, 2009
Filed: Filed: October 4, 2005
PCT Filed: October 04, 2005
PCT No.: PCT/ES2005/070138
PCT Pub. No.: WO2006/042896
Foreign Application Priority Data: 

Oct 18, 2004 [ES] 200402353 U
Feb 16, 2005 [ES] 200500359 U
Jun 13, 2005 [ES] 200501353 U

Inventors: Pradas Diez; Jorge (Barcelona, ES), Canut Cristobal; Miguel (Barcelona, ES)

The present invention relates to a hand dryer comprising inside the casing (1) two hollow chambers (3a, 3b) having: a mouth (36) for the inlet of high-speed air supplied by air propulsion means (4a, 4b) towards a drying chamber (2), inner channels (33) for the conduction and distribution of air through the inside of said hollow chambers with a low coefficient of friction, and a plurality of air outlet orifices (34) defined in the front plates (31) of the hollow chambers and simultaneously projecting air through orifices (21, 22) of the drying chamber onto the entire surface of the hands inserted and kept still inside said drying chamber (2). The dryer comprises an evaporation device (7) to evaporate the water from the drying chamber (2).

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