Search engine service utilizing the addition of noise

Patent No. 8,086,621

Issued: December 27, 2011
Filed: December 30, 2008
Term Extension: 492 days

Inventor: Gerber, Benjamin S.
Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

A method and modified client that disguises user search terms by adding a plurality of faux search phrases using a phrase-reuse-table comprising resulting faux search phrases and real search phrases the faux search phrases were derived from, a word-reuse-table comprising word substitutions used for words that reveal patterns, and a word-table comprising words that reveal patterns sorted into groups. Faux search phrases are added by looking up the search phrases in the phrase-reuse-table, and looking up the search terms in the word-reuse-table and word-table, suggesting by a predictive search for specific anchor words, recording substitutions for words which reveal patterns in the word-reuse-table, and submitting the search terms and the set of faux search phrases to a search engine. Additionally, additional complexity may be used to generate additional faux search phrases.

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