System and method for prioritization and display of aggregated data

Patent No. 8,489,544

Issued: July 16, 2013
Filed: June 4, 2008
Term Extension: 1,343 days

Inventor: Ford; John P. (Unadilla, NY)

A computer enabled system and method aggregates data describing a particular subject. The data is then divided into a predetermined group of categories which are graphically displayed according to a predetermined pattern. Distortions in the data or anomalies in the data are made visually apparent. Associated with the display is a prioritized array of interventions recommended in response to the distortions in the data or anomalies appearing in the data.

Reference to Related Applications

This application claims the benefit of Provisional U.S. Patent Application No. 60/933,038 filed Jun. 4, 2007.

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