Method and apparatus to drive two-phase motors from a three-phase bridge

Patent No. 8,552,672

Issued: October 8, 2013
Filed: October 17, 2011
Term Extension: 192 days

Inventors: Bucella; Thomas John (Rochester, NY), Sewhuk; Dave (Rochester, NY), Mayne; Scott (Webster, NY), God; Warren (Fairport, NY)
Assignee: Teknic, Inc. (Pittsford, NY)

A motor drive for driving two-phase motors using a three-phase bridge output stage, and a method of operating the drive. The driven two-phase motor can be a two-phase bipolar motor (such as a hybrid stepping motor). The drive can also be configured so that a single output stage can be used to drive either two-phase or three-phase motors, with or without a feedback sensor. A reference return is provided from one of the three half-bridge output stages with each of the motor phase windings connected between the reference return and one of the other half-bridge outputs. The switches of each half-bridge are modulated so that current can be controlled in each of the two motor phase windings.

Reference to Related Applications

This application claims one or more inventions which were disclosed in Provisional Application No. 61/394,584, filed Oct. 19, 2010, entitled "METHOD AND APPARATUS TO DRIVE TWO-PHASE MOTORS FROM A THREE-PHASE BRIDGE". The benefit under 35 USC .sctn.119(e) of the United States provisional application is hereby claimed, and the aforementioned application is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

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