Rationalizing functions to identify re-usable services

Patent No. 8,949,819

Issued: February 3, 2015
Filed: September 27, 2012
Term Extension: 303 days

Inventors: Allam; Abdul (Raleigh, NC), Gonzalez Lojero; Jaime M. (Jalisco, MX), Godinez Ramirez; Jesus (Distrito Federal, MX), Huizar Rodriguez; Francisco R. (Jalisco, MX)
Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, NY)

A method of dynamically offering upgraded services in a network comprising functions, the method comprising a computer performing the steps of: applying a similar functionality analysis on the functions of a network; retrieving the plurality of functions stored by the similar functionality analysis from the repository, and creating a pivot table; categorizing the functions within the pivot table; filtering the pivot table by a functional area of the pivot table; recreating the pivot table based on the functional area; and differentiating the exposable functions within the pivot table from non-exposable functions by attributes of the functions.

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