Beverage container lid

Patent No. 9,102,444

Issued: August 11, 2015
Filed: October 26, 2012
Term Extension: 312 days

Inventor: Milan; Michael (Chantilly, VA)
Assignee: Enterprise Express, Inc. (Chantilly, VA)

A beverage container lid includes an interior cover, an exterior cover, and a hinge connecting the interior cover to the exterior cover. The beverage container is versatile in that it may be adapted for use with a beverage container containing a cold beverage, a hot beverage, or a foamy or creamy beverage. The beverage container lid preferably includes a spout, straw perforations, an elevated portion, a reservoir bottom, a well portion, and a pair of retaining walls preventing direct flow of beverage from a pair of openings in the interior cover to the spout. Methods of use and methods of making a the beverage container lid are also described.

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